Hotel Royal Olympic Location

Airport to Royal Olympic Hotel – Commuting on Metro

The Airport is served by the Blue Metro Line 3: “Aghia Marina – Douk. Plakentias – Airport”.

Please note that the Suburban Rail (Proastiakos) is using the same platform with the Metro. Make sure you enter into a Metro Train with direction to Aghia Marina.

Trains from/to the airport run every 30 min, 7 days a week from 6:30 to 23:30.

Once inside the train, after about 40-45 min, you will reach SYNTAGMA Station.

There you should get off the train and follow the signs for the Red Metro Line 2: “Anthoupoli – Elliniko”. Go to the direction of Elliniko.

You should get off and follow the EXIT signs at ACROPOLIS station, which is immediately after SYNTAGMA station, on the red line.

Just before ascending to the street level you should see these two signs:

  1. Makriyianni / Dionysiou Arepaghitou
  2. Makriyianni / Athanasiou Diakou


Please follow the second sign “Makriyianni / Athanasiou Diakou”.

This exit will take you directly to a narrow street just outside of the Metro Station called Athanasiou Diakou.

Walk straight on. Shortly you will reach a high traffic junction with Avenue “Andrea Syngrou”.

Once there, walk a little bit up to the left where you will find traffic lights. Cross the street. Walk straight and very soon you will reach Royal Olympic Hotel which is on the right hand side of your walking direction, as shown in the following diagram.


Below you will find information about Metro tickets from/ to the Airport

Airport Metro Ticket for 1 Person – one way: € 10, reduced: € 5

Return Metro ticket for the airport (for 2 journeys in under 48 hours): € 18 (no reduced option)

Airport Metro Ticket for 2 Persons – one way: € 18 (no reduced option)

Airport Metro Ticket for 3 Persons – one way: € 24 (no reduced option)

General Public Transport Ticket (Metro & Buses), 90min duration: € 1.40, reduced: € 0.60

The above tickets are valid for travel with all public transport means within 90 minutes after validation (except Airport Bus Lines)


  1. Automatic ticket issuing machines at all Metro, Tram, and Suburban Railway stations
  2. Ticket offices at many Metro, Tram and Suburban railway stations
  3. Blue/yellow ticket booths next to many central bus stations
  4. Many newsstands/kiosks

Further info about tickets, including who is entitled to a reduced fare, can be found at:

Further info about transport with Buses, from and to the airport, can be found at:

Buses, unlike the Metro, serve the airport 24h per day.

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